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Issue 486


Making Product Value Obvious
The most valuable contribution product designers can make to software is making the core value of a product clear to the people using it.

The rise of Generative AI-driven design patterns
How GenAI advances are helping shape the future of feature designg.

7 Tips for Memorable and Easy-to-Understand Imagery
A few relevant, high-quality visuals placed next to associated text can boost users’ comprehension of your content and its memorability.

Use Both Ratings Average and Number of Ratings When Sorting by User Ratings
Combining both the ratings average and number of ratings will better align sorted results with users’ preferences.


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Tools and Resources

Apple Figma design library and templates
Apple design resources for making great apps for Apple platforms.

One simple way Apple could improve your sleep habits
Psychological principles to help people put their phone down before bed.

A new way of showcasing your portfolio.

UX Portfolio

Diego Villarroel
Diego is Director of Product Design at Rappi.

Last But Not Least

The secrets of a $7.08 welcome bonus
The product psychology behind why Robinhood offer new users $7.08 of free stock, and not $10.

“True simplicity is, well, you just keep on going and going until you get to the point where you go… Yeah, well, of course.”
— Jonathan Ive