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Issue 487


Craft and Beauty: The ROI of Marrying Form and Function
Leaders from Stripe, Linear, and Figma explore how craft and beauty are core to product and business growth.

Keep it together: 5 essential design patterns for dev tool UIs
UI design is a critical factor that can often make or break a successful developer tool.

The Agentic Era of UX
The future of digital experience is here—but it’s being minced into microscopic use cases.

How To Run UX Research Without Access To Users
Some workarounds to run UX research or make a strong case for it.

DesignShifts: a better future for and through design
Shifting our practices, mindsets, and the focus of design.


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Tools and Resources

Sketch 100
A big milestone release which includes a big prototyping update, a redesigned web app, better prototype sharing and two new workflow-boosting tools.

Mind The Gap
Despite good intentions, lots of user-centered design isn’t actually user-centered. Learn what drives these gaps and how your organization can align business and customer needs to deliver the kind of user experiences we all want to have online.

Endless Tools
Make a variety of visual art.

UX Portfolio

Garron Engstrom
Garron is a Product Design Lead at Meta Social Impact.

Last But Not Least

A Designer’s Guide to Climate Tech
A comprehensive guide on climate tech for designers.

“When something is more attractive, compelling, and clear, people tend to gravitate towards it.”
— Katie Dill

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