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Issue 39


6 Tips for Designing Happiness
The secret to consumer loyalty is less about the moment of interaction and more about what comes before and after.

What I Learned From 100 Doodles In 100 Days
Steve Portigal reflects on his 100 doodles in 100 days experiment and what he’s learned.

Write Better User Interfaces by Asking “Who Else is in the Room?”
Should you use “Your account”, “My account”, or something else to refer to the user’s account. Consider who is in the room and who is talking.

LinkedIn Dark Patterns
Dan Scholosser gives a detailed look at some dark patterns LinkedIn uses and why it’s their fault that you’re getting spammy messages from friends.

Low-Contrast Text Is Not the Answer
Low-contrast text is trendy but bad for usability. Here are some strategies to alter the prominence of elements on the screen.

Hiring UX designers: 11 qualities to look for
UX encompasses a lot of different skills so the Opower UX team created a structured criteria when hiring UX Designers that focused on both design and people skills.

Automatic Cars Or Distracted Drivers: We Need Automation Sooner, Not Later
The godfather of UX, Don Norman, writes about how today’s imperfect automation is preferable to today’s distracted and imperfect drivers.

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Tools & Resources

How Eventbrite Onboards New Users
You’ve probably RSVP’d through Eventbrite, but what is it was like to create an event? Samuel Hulick goes through the onboarding process.

Pattern Library Search
There’s so many pattern libraries out there. Rob Whiting put them all in a custom Google Search so you can search all of them at once.

Animation Resources for User Interfaces
I put together a list of the best articles, videos, and tools for animating for user interfaces.


Keynote Motion Graphic Experiment
Have you ever used Keynote/PowerPoint for prototyping animation? Linda Dong shows what’s possible with Keynote and even includes the project file so you can mess around with it yourself.

Sneak Peek: Artboards in Photoshop CC
A new featuring coming soon to Photoshop that Sketch users are familiar with – artboards!

How Designers Are Building Careers in Silicon Valley
Videos from a recent event held at Uber with panels featuring the head of design from Uber, Pinterest, Citrix and more.

The Future of User Interface
Examining the trends and designs of the future to see where we’re heading.

UX Portfolios

Michael Wong
Michael is a UI/UX Designer and developer. His case studies are well done with a short description, role, concepts, and even testimonials.

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Last But Not Least

Crappy Design
A Reddit channel dedicated to calling out crappy design.

“Good design goes to heaven; bad design goes everywhere.”
— Mieke Gerritzen

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