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Issue 490


Only 30 seconds to reject your portfolio?
Common mistakes designers should avoid to make the first cut in UX hiring.

How to become a Senior Designer
Growth starts with you, stepping up proactively, building opinions and voicing opinions like an owner, despite your fear and doubt.

Familiar vs Novel
When we encounter familiar interface patterns and conventions, we intuitively understand them based on previous experience.

The Diverge-and-Converge Technique for UX Workshops
Working independently on a problem and then converging to share insights, leads to rapid data analysis, diverse ideas, and high-quality designs.

Decision Trees For UI Components
Some practical examples of decision trees for UI components and how to use them effectively.

Hiding complexity to create effortless onboarding
The techniques that Slack have used to create an effortless onboarding flow, and why you might not want to copy them.


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Tools and Resources

Sneak Peek
Look inside Figma files of top designers.

Handheld Design
Discover best-in-class mobile design inspiration.

Learn More Faster
How to find your bullseye customer and their perfect product.

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time
A list of visual design rules you should probably follow.

UX Portfolio

Bonnie Hong
Bonnie is a Product Designer at Grow.

Last But Not Least

Spot on
Enhancing your design skills by adding more dots.

“Creativity is just connecting things.”
— Steve Jobs

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