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Issue 491


Sentient Design: AI and the Next Chapter of UX
It’s up to us, not the technology, to figure out the right way to use AI.

Designer engagement report
Top 3 problems for designers: no research, no design strategy, and no career progression.

Different Gets Ignored
Instead of making elements visually distinct to be noticed, designers should focus on integrating important elements seamlessly into the user interface.

Presenting UX Research And Design To Stakeholders
Harness the power of persuasion and other tactics when presenting research findings and design concepts to key stakeholders.


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Tools and Resources

Software that allows Figma to talk to hardware, enabling the creation of rapid prototypes of physical devices.

Roast My Design
Get a free design audit powered by AI.

UX Portfolio

Dousa Miao
Dousa is a UX Designer at Google.

Last But Not Least

Transforming UX with Generative AI
From linear journeys to tailored terrain.

“I want AI to do my laundry and dishes so that I can do art and writing, not for AI to do my art and writing so that I can do my laundry and dishes.”
— Joanna Maciejewska

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