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Issue 99


What You See is What You Use
If you want something to be seen and used, don’t make people look for it.

WTF is Experience Design?
An explanation of what is experience design with examples and GIFs.

The Anatomy Of A Great UX Design Leader
Seven key traits the best UX design leaders share.

The future of UX design
To stay relevant, UX design must re-define its role and responsibilities in large product organizations.

The 6 Fundamental Principles of Interaction Between Products and Users
An overview of factors that facilitate discoverability.

Product Listing UX: Use Synchronized Hover Effects & Unified Hit-Areas
76% of sites have a list item design where it’s unclear to users exactly what can be clicked, and where they will then be taken if clicked.

Three Exercises to Teach Your Team Empathy
Exercises teams can conduct to help foster a more empathetic environment.

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Find Your Top Designers
See why top startups depend on Toptal to connect them with elite designers, hand-picked to match their needs. Work with top designers on an on-demand basis.

Tools & Resources

UX Research Tools
A spreadsheet of various UX tools and their features.

Principle 2.0
Principle is a year old and to celebrate they released a new version with components to make it easier to edit files with a large number of artboards.

How to design for children
Principles that create a common language that describes how to make great digital experiences for children.

Anatomy of a Pattern in a Pattern Library
In order for design system users to do their best work, a pattern library should present other important info besides the UI pattern.


AMA with Aaron Irizarry
Join Aaron Irizarry, Director of User Experience, Nasdaq Product Design. in a discussion about leading design teams and design culture at Nasdaq.

John Lax – Hacking UI Podcast
Jon Lax, Director of Product Design at Facebook talks about questions that he asks every designer at Facebook and some tips for aspiring design managers.

Reviewing the Design of Pokémon GO – Designer Review Podcast
Discussing the design patterns, interactions, user onboarding, UX and visual styles of Pokémon GO.

UX Jobs

User Experience Designer at Bankrate Credit Cards (Pasadena, CA)
Create amazing user experiences that help consumers make smarter financial decisions and save money.

Last But Not Least

The Design Team
A comic series that follows the story of a junior designer that just moved to SF.

“Talk to one user – start jumping to a solution. Talk to 5+ users – start understanding the problem.”
— Luke Wroblewski

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