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Issue 98


Design and the Self
Irene Au’s talk from UX Week 2016 about designing great products by going beyond things like fear, greed, attachment, and ego.

Is this my interface or yours?
General guidelines on when to use “my” or “your” when dealing with perspective in an interface.

How Default Settings Rule the World
The designers who decide defaults have immense, potentially life-saving power.

Prototyping Happiness: A Designer’s Guide
Learning a prototyping tool and animating your ideas leads to more time designing and solving problems.

3 Myths About The Future Of UX
Some of the biggest misconceptions about where our Oculus Rifts and Hololens systems will take us next.

How Tools Have Shaped the Role of the Designer
Today we’re designing and building highly interactive experiences with a range of tools that allow us to work seamlessly across a variety of platforms & device types.

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Tools & Resources

Create and share designs with this lightweight tool in your browser.

Product Pages
Curated directory of the best product pages. Also check out Store Pages and Pricing Pages.

Researching Design Systems
Notes by Dan Mall on some of the most popular design systems out there.

Interface Lovers
Questions for designers in this new publication on Medium. The first guest is Benjamin De Cock, User Interface Designer at Stripe.


Katie Dill – Hacking UI Podcast
Katie Dill, Director of Experience Design at Airbnb, talks about managing designers as a design experiment, why the user experience should be important to every employee, and more.

An Interview with Jesse James Garrett
Jesse James Garrett talks about where UX has been and where it’s headed, how designers can be more successful within their organizations, and more.

Working with Pictures eBook
A tiny book ($10) by Christina Wodtke to teach you the kind of drawing you need to work well.

Elevating design through education
Join Designer Hangout and Aarron Walter for a discussion on design education, designing for emotion and building design teams. Also check out Aarron on DN FM talk about the future of product design.

UX Portfolios

Lucian Radu
Lucian is a product designer in Barcelona with a clean portfolio with selected case studies.

UX Jobs

User Experience Designer at Wallaby Financial (Pasadena, CA)
Work with me to create amazing user experiences that help consumers make smarter financial decisions and save money.

User Experience Designer at Forum One (Alexandria, VA)
Help define the structure of sites and apps for organizations doing important work around the world.

Last But Not Least

It’s Ugly, But It Works: On Designing for Usability
There are some massively popular sites that are really ugly but they work because they do exactly what people need.

“Everyone’s rewarded for making new things. We should be rewarded for improving old things.”
— Amber Case

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