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Issue 97

User Memory Design: How To Design For Experiences That Last
Understanding the difference between experience and memory can make us more sophisticated experience designers.

Making a case for letter case
A little thing like capitalization affects readability, comprehension, usability, and how people view your brand.

7 Rules Driving the Psychology Behind Great Product Design
One of the most important ways we have to design around the human psychology of flow.

We Made The Decision To Add Six More Steps To Our Onboarding
Taking the “don’t make me think” approach to make sure each step has such a low threshold of effort that users will fly through it.

How To Make Your Not-So-Great Visual Design Better
A framework on how to get better at visual design from Jasmine Friedl, product designer at Facebook.

Introducing BuzzFeed’s Design Process
A look into Buzzfeed’s unified design process.

Conversational Information Architectures
Peter Morville talks about information architecture’s role in the future of conversational interfaces. Also check out Die Dashboards Die! Why Conversations Will Reinvent Software.

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Find out how Lyft tackles UX and design problems
Lyft has become a $2.5 billion rideshare company in less than 4 years and expects over 17 million rides per month in 2016. With millions of users to accommodate, how does Lyft tackle UX issues?

In this webinar, Frank Yoo (Head of UX & Product Design), gives us a behind-the-scenes look at Lyft’s design process. He showcases a recent UX challenge his team faced and shows exactly how they overcame the problem.

Tools & Resources

UX Book Reviews
UX book reviews by a community of UXers.

Simple and powerful Sketch version control tool for design teams and individuals.

Dribbble Places
Explore Dribbble design communities around the globe.

Based UI Kit for Sketch
Designing notifications and social feeds? Here’s a comprehensive UI Kit for Sketch.


UX Trends — Users Know Podcast
Kate and Laura answer questions submitted by UX designers at Tradecraft.

The Project Guide to Enterprise Product Design
A free ebook with enterprise UX case studies from top companies.

A Cognitive Sciences Reading List for Designers
Humans are irrational. These are recommended books for designing information systems for how they think.

UX Portfolios

Slava Kim
Slava is a Product Designer based in Europe who has a very clean portfolio with nice case studies of his work.

Last But Not Least

I’m not a UX Designer, and neither are you
We can create a framework within which user experiences can occur, but we cannot design them.

“Talk to one user… start jumping to a solution. Talk to 5+ users… start understanding the problem.”
— Luke Wroblewski

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