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Issue 95


Design Is Mainly About Empathy
We need to invest in understanding a user’s mental model or it’s going to be really hard to know if our work is successful.

The Perfect Design Tool
Francisco Inchauste writes that we need to find better ways to articulate the majority of life’s experiences that are not on screens.

Peek Inside a Facebook Design Critique
A look into how design critiques at Facebook typically go, makes for a good critique and what can often get in the way.

Why can’t designers solve more meaningful problems?
The belief that designers should do more with their talent comes loaded with assumptions.

IBM Design Secrets
Caroline Gardiner reflects on some of the things she learned working as a UX designer at one of the biggest tech companies around.

Making design core to the agile process
A look into how the team at Salesforce built their Lightning Experience through an agile process.

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Finally – a prototyping tool with integrated requirements management
Prototyping alone isn’t enough. Fast prototyping paired with flexible requirements management is what sets iRise apart. Create dynamic prototypes using customizable libraries and widgets. Drag in UI mockups to jump-start your work. Leverage integrated requirements management to tell the whole story.

Tools & Resources

Build better products and make better decisions by getting feedback through simple, beautiful surveys.

UX Tools
Filter and compare multiple design tools by Taylor Palmer.

Data Gallery
Discover timely insights with data and statistics through industries, platforms, and themes from Google.

Vox Product Accessibility Guidelines
A checklist to help build accessibility into your process no matter your role or stage in a project.

The UX of VR
A curated list of resources to help you on your journey into the user experience of virtual reality.

A window into your team’s Dropbox activity, files, and projects.

Interaction Map – Prott
Automatically generated screen transitions based on your Prott prototypes.

UX Media

But, all my work is under NDA!
A panel and Q&A about portfolios and IP agreements for in-house designers.

You Have to Literally Walk (Layup Podcast)
Talking about slowing down apps by design, designing in public, Shopify’s UX Summit, and more.

Design Leadership Masterclass
A free webinar series from 4 design leaders with a total of 76 years of UX experience.

Design in Venture Capital (eBook)
Irene Au, Design Partner at Khosla Ventures, describes what design drives investment and company success.

UX Portfolios

Luc van Loon
Luc is a designer from Amsterdam that put together a nice case study on designing a car travel experience through research, design and prototypes.

Last But Not Least

UX Moments
How to identify, understand and leverage moments to influence behavior.

“Self promotion doesn’t help you become a better designer. Doing a lot of design work makes you a better designer.”
— Daniel Burka

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