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Issue 93


Metrics Versus Experience
Understand data and what is a good metric to make better experiences for people everywhere.

Empathy Is Actually a Choice
Research that shows the the limits to our empathy can change depending on what we want to feel.

The UX Secret That Will Ruin Apps For You
Apps like Facebook slow down their interface by design to make users feel safe.

How Digital Experience Leaders Grew 276% Greater Than the S&P 500
Companies who invest in improving the digital customer experience have seen success and growth in the stock market.

The Design Tools We Really Need
We have lots of tools that do different things but there are still problems that shape the way we work.

Complexion Reduction: A New Trend In Mobile Design
Larger, bolder headlines, more universal icons, and extraction of color are some of the trends we are starting to see that are making mobile apps all look the same.

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Tools & Resources

Design Better Forms
Common mistakes designers make on form design and how to fix them.

The Evidence-Based UX Guide
28 methods with ranked by how often they should be used in your design process.

Landing Page UI Kit
80+ landing page layouts and handcrafted UI components to increase your web creating speed, for Sketch and Photoshop.

Adobe XD Shortcuts (PDF)
All the shortcuts in a single PDF file. For a list of tips, check out this article.


20 documentaries every designer should watch
Documentaries on design, how people behave, what motivates them and how they shape art and culture.

Good Design Is Humble with Austin Knight
Austin Knight discusses design culture & values, learning from failure, and the future of design.

UX Portfolios

Andre Tacuyan
Andre is a UX designer at Google who adds a TLDR; section to his case studies for those who don’t want to read the full details.

UX Jobs

User Experience Designer at Redgate Software Ltd – Cambridge, UK
Redgate is looking for a UX Designer to help build great products and ensure their ingeniously simple user experience remains a major competitive advantage.

Last But Not Least

Left or Right
Follow the text, not the arrows.

“Critique is at the core of collaboration… Critique is not a design skill. Critique is a life skill.”
— Adam Connor

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