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Issue 91


7 Problems Growing Design Teams Face
Aarron Walter writes about the common problems every design leader faces.

Supersized. Making design work in large organizations
Ben Holiday says we need to push hard for design leadership if we want to create great products and services.

Typography for User Interfaces
Some fundamentals and tips for setting type on user interfaces. Slides available here.

Reflection: The Pause That Gives Insight
Hannah du Plessis and Marc Rettig write that reflection is a foundation of the creative process.

Prospect Theory and Loss Aversion: How Users Make Decisions
People avoid losses and optimize for sure wins because the pain of losing is greater than the satisfaction of an equivalent gain.

Improving UX For Color-Blind Users
13 tips to improve the experience for color-blind people.

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June Update of Adobe Experience Design CC (Preview)
Adobe has released another monthly update of Adobe XD, the all-in-one UX design tool. Try measurements, new blur effects and embedding prototypes within a website. Now available in French, German, Japanese.

Tools & Resources

Data – Craft by InVision LABS
Another update by InVision – now you can import real data from public API’s instead of using lorem ipsum.

Could be great for usability testing – seamless screen, mic, and camera recording with a Chrome Extension.

Marvel for iOS
Marvel updated their iOS app to include a rapid design tool so you can now go from creating mockups from scratch to prototypes on your phone.

Trello Board for Google Design Sprint
Milap Bhojak put together this Trello board for those wanting to run a Google Design Sprint.

iOS 10 UI Kit
An unofficial iOS 10 UI kit for Sketch.


Jordan Dobson – User Defenders Podcast
A talk with Jordan Dobson who talks about crafting prototypes in order to gain valuable insight and how little details can make a big difference.

J Cornelius – Prototypes, Process & Play 2015
How to help us become better designers when we worry less about the visual outcomes.

Iterative UI Design
From this year’s Apple WWDC, learn how to use Keynote to quickly build realistic and tangible design comps and user flows.

UX Portfolios

Ramana Jaini
Ramana’s portfolio not only has examples of different types of deliverables but also showcases a few case studies as well.

UX Jobs

User Experience Designer at (Austin, TX)
As a User Experience Designer at, you’ll create user experiences that empower consumers to make smarter financial decisions and help people save money.

Last But Not Least

Join the Kickstarter in making the world’s first feature documentary on legendary designer Dieter Rams, and in helping preserve his design archive.

“Not only can a designer change the world, a designer should. This is the best job in the world! Let’s do it right..”
— Mike Monteiro

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