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Issue 90


The Big Problem with Design Inspiration
We seek inspiration when really we look for existing solutions. Tanner Christensen, Product Designer at Facebook, writes that we need to put in the work

Promoting a Design System Across Your Products
By understanding your organization through its product portfolio, you’ll strengthen the design system that will help you achieve a stronger and more cohesive experience.

Your UI is your product’s humble compensation for not being telepathic
As designers, we’re enabling telepathy and we can use that to think about how much that extra button or that long line of copy will slow down the thought transfer.

Building Products
What it takes to build great products – from framing, execution, measuring success, and team dynamics.

10 reasons why placeholders are problematic
Reasons why placeholders can cause problems when they are used as replacement for labels.

Design Details: NeuBible
Brian Lovin writes and shows you some of his favorite design details in NeuBible for iOS.

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Adobe Experience Design CC Wants to Hear from You
Adobe XD, the all-in-one design and prototyping tool, wants your input to help us build and test Adobe XD. The Adobe XD roadmap includes enhanced design features and support for Creative Cloud libraries, Windows and more. Download and join the conversation!

Tools & Resources

dscout Sprint
Lightning-fast video feedback on mobile apps and prototypes.

7 Books Every UX Designer Should Read
A compilation of design books that have shaped the way Joanna Ngai, UX Designer at Microsoft, thinks.

iOS 10 Human Interface Guidelines
Apple announced iOS 10 this week and with it comes an updated human interface guideline.

Google Fonts Redesign
Google Fonts got a nice redesign. If you’re interested in the backstory, check out Reimagining Google Fonts.


Expose UX
Watch UX experts help startup. It’s like Shark Tank for UX design.

Inside Intercom: Julie Zhuo (Podcast)
Julie Zhuo, Product Design VP at Facebook, talks product design including why you need controversial design principles.

Movies and talks about design.

UX Portfolios

I usually feature a portfolio or two here but this week there were lots of great articles about the process that I wanted to share.

The Unofficial Design Portfolio Handbook
Martijn van den Broeck, UX Design intern at Google, put together a summary of 36 articles he wrote about design portfolios.

Design a winning UX portfolio
Ian Fenn writes about how to make a great first impression with your portfolio.

How to pass a 2-minute UX portfolio screening
A check list for UX designers, recruiters and hiring managers.

Last But Not Least

Apple UX Goes Full Dadcore
Apple is embracing its inner dad with puns and useless punchlines.

“The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.”
— Orson Welles

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