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Issue 9


Design Details: Square Order for iOS
I haven’t had an excuse to use Square Order yet since it’s only in SF and New York so it was nice to see Brian Lovin break down the design details of the app.

The UX of Mobile Settings
A brief analysis of the user experience from iOS 8, Android KitKat & Windows 8.1 phone settings screens.

Ode to a Cart
User research can be done in all sorts of unexpected ways, even if it’s just a dorky, cheap looking cart full of books.

Designing Products from Scratch
An Interview with UX Leader Josh Porter as he talks about designing features from nothing and how to make important design choices during the early stages of startup growth.

Why Every Product Needs Sophisticated Onboarding
First impressions are important and getting a user to that “aha” moment is what every product should strive for.

Destiny – A Product Design Teardown of the Biggest Video Game in History
How Destiny used psychology to build engagement with the game. For more UX gaming links, check out UX Designers Can Learn From Game Design and Gamification.

The Wrong Way to Lose a Customer
Last week’s guest curator Laura Klein writes about drastically different experiences when cancelling FreshBooks and

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Tools & Resources

Type Genius
Find the perfect font combo for your next project.

Drag and Drop Interaction Ideas
Some ideas for drag and drop interactions in a UI.

Atomic – Interface Design Software for Pro Designers
Another potential competitor in the prototyping space. Some interesting features include design branching and visual version control.


The Art of UI Animations
Want to step up your animation game? This presentation deck is amazing with a wealth of animation resources. Use your arrow keys to go through it!

How to Run a User Interview
Emmett Shear, Founder and CEO, of Twitch, gives a lecture on the importance of user interviews and what you can learn.

UX Immersion 2014
Want to design great mobile experiences? Check out these videos from UX Immersion 2014 – Doing “Pocket Research” to Learn About Your Users’ Lives by Cyd Harrell and Choosing Which Mobile Experience to Build by Nate Schutta.

FORM 2014 Videos
I posted this last week but they didn’t have many videos up then. Now they’ve added a lot of interesting ones, including panels on Design Education, Talent & Hiring, and Design Tooling.


Isaac Paavola
Issac creates experiences that draw people in by being different and exciting. His portfolio is one of the better looking ones I’ve seen although it does trend more toward the visual side instead of the UX process.

Peter Schuszter
Peter’s portfolio is pretty basic but his case studies provide a good format where he describes his challenges, actions, deliverables, and outcome.

Last But Not Least

The Dead Pixel Society
Icon creations that would have been designed the past 18 years if we lived under the same constraints: 256 colors on a 32×32 canvas.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”
— Bill Gates

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