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Issue 89

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On Icons
Balancing the rational and the emotional choice of labels vs icons.

Design Debt
Incremental design changes over time yield a disjointed, inconsistent, and patched-together user experience. Austin Knight writes how to prevent and eliminate it.

Think with your hands
A beginners guide to design frameworks, looking deeper into Google’s design sprints, lean UX, and design thinking.

3 Key Design Principles for Product Listing Information
Research for how users select and reject products in the product listing pages based on the information available about each item.

How We Lost 47% of Our Users After a Redesign
A case study about complicating the user experience by trying to make a service simple and minimalistic.

De-Myth-ified IA
The top 3 misconceptions of information architecture and why it’s a good investment for your digital project.

Inline validation in forms — designing the experience
A comparison of how different sites do inline validation errors and what the best user experience is.

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Adobe Experience Design CC—Built from Scratch
Adobe XD is built from scratch for fast and fluid UX design. Switch from design to prototype in a single click. Quickly create wireframes and visual designs, preview changes in real time, and share prototypes with your team for instant feedback.

Tools & Resources

2016 Product Design Trends Report
InVision surveyed more than 1,650 creatives to find out the industries value design, how designers see themselves, their field, and their competition.

UXPin 3.0
The team at UXPin completely redesigned the app for how designers create and collaborate with non-designers.

A social platform for designers to test their designs and get real results for free.

Diverse Device Hands
Facebook has updated their resource with new hands of all ages.

How to Assign the Severity of Usability Problems
Five steps for assigning severity of a problem observed in a usability test.


UX Design in Action (e-book)
Inside the UX design process of companies like Slack, Autodesk, and 3M.

The importance of invalidation (Podcast)
Tomer Sharon discusses lean user research and why if a research study goes well, you didn’t really learn much.

How to Interview Users to Uncover Insights
Videos and slides from Steve Portigal’s talk at the Lean Product Meetup in Silicon Valley.

The Inner Monologue of an Insecure and Distracted Designer
A fun, creative talk by Alex Cornell, designer at Facebook, at Valiocon.

UX Portfolios

Ramon Marc
Ramon is an interaction design intern at IDEO who showcases a snapshot of projects he has worked on.

Last But Not Least

The Ideal Design Workflow
Keaton Herzer shares his “perfect” design process.

“Design isn’t just wire frames or visual style; it’s about the product as a whole.

— Sahil Lavingia

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