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Issue 87


How to apply a design thinking, HCD, UX or any creative process from scratch
A how-to article to set up, frame, organize, structure, run or manage design challenges, and projects.

Notifications Are Broken. Here’s How Google Plans To Fix Them
According to Google’s research, developers and users want different things from notifications so they are introducing features to help the user.

Questions (and Answers) from Design Interviews at Facebook
What does a designer at Facebook’s day look like, how do they decide who works on what, and more answers to common questions asked during an interview.

Open-Ended vs. Closed-Ended Questions in User Research
Open-ended questions prompt people to answer with sentences, lists, and stories. Closed-ended questions limit possible answers.

Taking The Robots To Design School
Jon Gold describes a 4 step process for teaching design to machines in the context of typography.

The Follies of UX
Scott Riley writes that we can’t design experiences but we can design environments.

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May Update of Adobe Experience Design CC
Adobe XD, the all-in-one design + prototyping tool, now has a new color picker, scrollable artboards and more.

Tools & Resources

Design Hunt for the Web
Daily curated inspiration for everyone, now available on the web.

An eye tracking library that uses webcams to infer the eye-gaze locations of web visitors on a page in real time.

Color Schemer
Generate an aspiring color scheme with every push of the space bar.


Principles of mobile app design: Delight users and drive conversions
A talk at Google I/0 2016 on app design best practices based on research.

A podcast by Jeff Veen on how we design and build the products that are shaping our digital future.

Design Portfolio Review
Marc Hermon reviews design portfolios on Periscope. If you don’t have time to watch, Bryan Landers wrote a summary of lessons learned.

UX Portfolios

George Leonardo
George is a Product Designer who founded his first design agency when he was 14. His case studies provide a pretty good match of details with delieverable examples.

UX Jobs

User Experience Designer – (Austin, TX)
I’m looking for a a UX Designer to help build new products that help people save money.

Last But Not Least

How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds
How technology hijacks our psychological vulnerabilities and how we can fix this.

“Wonderfully designed > beautifully designed. Any day.”
— Daniel Burka

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