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Issue 84

Special thanks to Andreessen Horowitz board partner Steven Sinofsky for mentioning UX Design Weekly as one of his favorite newsletters in a feature from GeekWire. Now, on to this week’s best UX links.
– Kenny


Designing Inward
Cap Watkins writes about improving our collective user experience by turning the lens inward to find out what we think and how we’re feeling about working together.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Micro-interactions
Even with no animation experience, it’s possible to design and build beautiful, clean micro-interactions by focusing on a few key concepts.

Usability Heuristics for Bots
Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics continue to provide a great benchmark to point us in the right direction when crafting a delightful bot experience.

A peek into the Microsoft Flow design process
A glimpse into how Microsoft designed for delight at each point and for no dead ends when designing Microsoft Flow.

Spotify ditches the controversial hamburger menu in iOS app redesign
Only including this because there are actual numbers on the impact – 9% more clicks in general and 30% more on actual menu items.

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Tools & Resources

Nasdaq Mosaiq
The Nasdaq Design team is releasing a free tool to help designers track, manage, and share customer research across teams, clients and stakeholders.

Record and analyze your users’ activity as they navigate through your product in real time

UI Interactions
The best mobile UI interactions for your inspiration.

Inspire by CanvasFlip
A “Dribbble for Prototypes” featuring collections of popular UX flows.


MX: Managing Experience Conference
Talks from the Managing Experience 2016 conference by Adaptive Path.

Intercom on Jobs-to-be-Done
People buy products and services to get a “job” done. This free ebook by Intercom offers advice on how you should be thinking about business, growth and innovation.

Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction
Microsoft Research uses a mobile phone’s ability to sense how you are gripping the device, as well as when and where the fingers are approaching it, to adapt interfaces on the fly.

Inclusive Design Toolkit
A toolkit by Microsoft for designing products that are not just accessible, but that are elegant experiences for people with and without disabilities.

Golden Krishna – The Best Interface is No Interface
Golden Krishnas talk from Business to Buttons on designing solutions that doesn’t depend on screens.

The experience is the product (slides)
Peter Merholz‘s presentation for Mind The Product 2016 on how closely aligned user experience is to product management.

UX Portfolios

Jamie Yoo
Jamie is a UX Researcher with case studies showing her methodologies, insights, solutions, and more.

UX Jobs

User Experience (UX) Designer at The Black Tux – Santa Monica, CA
The Black Tux is looking for a UX Designer to help them transform the tuxedo and suit rental market.

Senior Visual Designer at RevZilla – Philadelphia, PA
RevZilla is looking for a designer with a desire to lead in the ideation, design, and creation of engaging, interactive and digital interfaces.

Last But Not Least

Rediscovering Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines from 1987
UX lessons from the dawn of the personal computer.

“We don’t make product decisions to make our lives easier, we make product decisions to make our customers lives easier.”
Josh Brewer

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