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Issue 79


UX Designers Aren’t Always Right
A 2 part series by Tom Greever about how UX designers can sometimes get so wrapped up in their ego that it can be hard to recognize the fact that there was some mistake in their design. Read Part 2 here.

5 Design Secrets from the Kids Who Will Replace You
We should bring a beginner’s mindset to our work, regardless of our age.

How TurboTax Used Design To Win The Tax Wars
TurboTax’s secret weapon of focusing on user experience, including a massive ethnographic research project, is why they have the largest share in the online tax category.

The Price is Right
How Airbnb used host feedback to build personalized pricing tools.

The Importance of Hiring Junior Designers
How Melissa Mandelbaum got her first Product Design job and how her team has been successful with hiring Intern and Junior Product Designers.

Bringing Home the Interviews
How to train ourselves as user researches to interview well all the time, even in these tough situations.

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Focus on What Matters
Gigster provides an on-demand team to build your product for a fixed price

Tools & Resources

UX Design Guide
Lots of great UX links and resources by Austin Knight.

Create interactive prototypes and run usability tests in one platform.

Lucky Loyalty Effect
The more consumers invest into your brand, the more they incorrectly believe that they’ll win entirely-random promotions over less loyal customers.


Christina Wodtke – Getting2Alpha Podcast
Christina Wodtke talks about her boundary-crossing model of design thinking as distributed cognition.

The UXD Book
Everything you need to get started in UX, find a job as a UX Designer and get ahead in a growing field. Use discount code ‘uxdesignweekly’ to get an additional 20% off the launch day price.

Grids – R/M Design School
A beautiful “design primer” in grids and layout.

UX Portfolios

Lanya Olmsted
Lanya is a UX Designer at HubSpot with a portfolio that goes into depth about her quantitative/qualitative process + specific design decisions that led to the final design.

Got a UX portfolio or case study you want to share? Contact Me

Last But Not Least

Design Facts
So much to know, So little time.

“I think about architecture all the time. That’s the problem. But I’ve always been like that. I dream it sometimes.”
— Zaha Hadid

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