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Issue 76


The Myths of UX Design
A rant on the role of UX design by Christina Wodtke.

Design Details – Stripe Dashboard
Another solid design exploration of Stripe Dashboard from Brian Lovin.

Excuses, Excuses! Why Companies Don’t Conduct User Research
Common excuses from companies that don’t conduct user research and solutions to overcome them.

Hierarchy of Trust: The 5 Experiential Levels of Website Commitment
Sites must meet users’ basic trust needs before they demand that visitors enter information or engage with them.

What Are Your Non-Negotiables When It Comes to Designing Great User Experiences?
How designers at places like NASA to Netflix make sure users are enjoying their experiences.

UX Research: 7 Reasons B&H Photo’s Mobile Site is Best-in-Class
See how B&H Photo’s mobile site usability stands out against other e-commerce sites.

Designing for Series A
What it’s like to be a Product Designer at an early stage company and some of the key learnings that have shaped us along the way.

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Design Salary Report – Tools, Trends, and Titles
THE 2016 DESIGN SALARY REPORT investigates the tools, tasks, and compensation of designers, UX specialists, and others in the design space based most of whom work on web and mobile products or connected devices across a wide range of industries. This free report arms you with information that can be helpful in job-hunting, salary negotiations, choosing a place to live, or getting a better idea of where you stand in the field of design—and how to move forward in your career. Download your free report now!

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Tools & Resources

Design Methods
A wide range of design research methods that can be used to get insights.

7 Ways to Measure Your Website’s UX
A few methods we can use to see if a website offers a good user experience.

Craft Style
InVision updated their Sketch plugin to effortlessly generate beautiful style guides with just a click.

The Best UX Designer Tools & Resources Collection
Another huge list of UX tools and resources.

Produce and export simple animations straight out of Sketch.


2016 Interaction Design Today
Insights and perspectives on the field of interaction design from a diverse group of design practitioners.

Experience Design Online Conference
A live conference on Adobe’s Twitch channel from March 15th – 17th featuring exclusive content from industry leaders on Experience Design.

The Centrality of Design with Josh Brewer
Josh Brewer talks about the inherent benefits of designing your meetings, using prototyping, the value of design in leadership positions, and infusing a company with design and sketching together.

UX Portfolios

Chris Oslund
Chris’ portfolio shows some of his work with case studies around his process and tools.

Last But Not Least

Shitty UI/UX Analogies
UX is like this…

“The most common user action on a Web site is to flee.”
— Edward Tufte

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