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Issue 74


Reactions: Not everything in life is Likable
Facebook updated their “Like” button to allow billions of people to react more expressively and Geoff Teehan writes in detail their process, concepts, failures, findings and final solution after years of work and months of testing.

Google Ventures On How Sketching Can Unlock Big Ideas
Jake Knapp reveals a four-step process for sketching your way to greatness.

All Talk and No Buttons: The Conversational UI
A two part series on designing for applications that no longer have a graphical user interface. Also, check out What happens next with Conversational UIs by Cennydd Bowles.

Sound Design: From the Ears of a Motion Designer
Smart sound design can play a similar role in feedback as haptics or notifications in a more subtle and pleasant way.

Designing for the Apple TV
Lessons learned and resources for designing the 10 foot experience.

The Demise of User Research?
The lead user researcher for Salesforce’s CoreUX team declared in her interview that user research won’t exist in a few years but offers a few recommendations to succeed while going through this transformative phase.

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Design Salary Report – Tools, Trends, and Titles
THE 2016 DESIGN SALARY REPORT investigates the tools, tasks, and compensation of designers, UX specialists, and others in the design space based most of whom work on web and mobile products or connected devices across a wide range of industries. This free report arms you with information that can be helpful in job-hunting, salary negotiations, choosing a place to live, or getting a better idea of where you stand in the field of design—and how to move forward in your career. Download your free report now!

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Tools & Resources

An interactive viewer to see and test how digital products respond to material design breakpoints across desktop, mobile, and tablet. For other sizes, check out ish by Brad Frost.

User Interviews
A service that will help you recruit participants for user testing so you can make better decisions.

Campus Insights
Understand how college students interact with your app or website with usability testing and market research from college students.

140 vector devices and mockups for Sketch.


World IA Day 2016
A collaborative, comprehensive, global, one-stop list of videos/slides/talks of WIAD 2016.

UX for Beginners Book Giveaway
Designer Hangout is giving away two (2) copies of UX for Beginners: A Crash Course in 100 Short Lessons by Joel Marsh.

The Future of Experience Design (XD)
A UX panel with experts from companies like IDEO, Pinterest, Google and Amazon discuss where experience design is headed, and their strategies for evolving alongside it as part of the SF Bay Area UX/UI Design Meetup group.

A Story Told About Story Listening – UX Immersion: Interactions Podcast
A story from Mike Monteiro about design going wrong and Marc Rettig talks about how the team could employ a technique to take apart the problem and come to new insights by listening to a story.

UX Portfolios

Rebecca Li
Rebecca’s portfolio shows her process and cases studies portraying the journey she took in solving problems by telling it as a story.

Wei Wei Huang
Wei Wei is an interactive designer that focuses on visual and UX/UI design with in-depth and well thought out case studies. She’s also using the new Adobe Portfolio feature to showcase her work.

Last But Not Least

The Evolution Of Webdesign
See how NASA’s webpage has evolved since 1991.

“The best kind of design isn’t necessarily an object, a space or a structure: it’s a process – dynamic and adaptable.”
— Don Norman

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