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Issue 73


So What is a UX Manager Now?
You might not know a UX Manager by their title but you’ll know it by why they work, who they work with, and how they work to make experiences great.

Users always choose the path of least resistance
Users will always choose the easiest option, so if we want a competitive advantage we must focus on simplicity.

Design Details: Quartz for iOS
Brian Lovin looks into the design details of the new Quartz iOS app that uses a conversational interface to deliver recommended news. Also, check out how Quartz onboards new users.

Five Principles for Effective Animation in UX
A look at how to use animation effectively when designing digital experiences.

Are Your Personas Outdated? Know When It’s Right To Revise
Knowing when and how frequently to make updates will help you craft personas that are both accurate and effective.

The Three Views of (Information) Architecture
A case study by Dan Klyn on understanding the ways and when we can display a site architecture beyond the traditional sitemap.

Dreaming of the perfect usability lab
The needs of people who participate as research subjects, researchers who call the lab their home and stakeholders who come to observe the research.

Microsoft’s Radical Bet On A New Type Of Design Thinking
By studying underserved communities, Microsoft hopes to improve the user experience for everyone.

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Tools & Resources
Solutions to common design problems with overviews of the problem and a number of solutions to solve it.

Principles of UX Design
Another free weekly email course by InVision on why UX matters, how to be a UX advocate, and how to better serve your users.

Collect UI
An iOS app where you can choose and estimate your next UX project with a checklist for various tools and techniques.

UX Recipe Mobile App
Daily inspiration collected from the daily ui challenge and beyond.

Marvel 2.0
Marvel had their big version 2.0 release this week including a redesigned interface, better organization, and improved performance.


Why do designers become jaded? – The Design Review Podcast
Chris and Jon discuss some of the negative aspects of being a designer and talk about how designers can become jaded in their careers.

A handpicked video collection of inspiring design talks.

Podcast: Mike Davidson on Product Design – Inside Intercom
Mike Davidson discusses the design process behind Twitter’s Moments, what to look for when hiring designers, and what the future of a Tweet might look like.

UX Portfolio

Garrett Kroll
Garrett’s portfolio has case studies of some of his best work with detailed descriptions about the challenges and process with deliverables.

Last But Not Least

UX Design in 14 Simple Steps
Alan Cooper expands on Jonathan Korman’s 14 tips for those who wanted to learn about user experience design.

“Practice safe design: Use a concept.”
— Petrula Vrontikis