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Issue 71


The Secret UX Issues That Will Make (Or Break) Self-Driving Cars
A future of self-driving cars is exciting but the greater challenge lies in making these technologies into something we understand—and want to use.

8 habits of veteran UX designers
Everything from understanding real life context and planning for failure.

Lists are the new search
Thoughts by Benedict Evans on how all search grows until it requires curation.

The Price Of Not Using UX Patterns
When users are accustomed to using a pattern, even a minor change in that pattern can be very expensive in performance terms.

A Practical Guide To Invisible Design
Guides and examples of creating user experiences that are so natural, they feel invisible.

Is this the perfect save icon?
The majority of kids these days don’t know what a floppy disc is so is the common save icon the best way to communicate this?

The Futility of Pleasing All Users
Not all of your users are going to be happy all of the time. As the number of use cases grows, it becomes harder and harder to reconcile them with a single coherent interface.

Tools & Resources

No more having to lorem ipsum that text. A plugin suite for Sketch and Photoshop that lets you design with real data in mind.

Hey User
A video gallery for mobile onboarding design inspiration.


User Defenders
Inspiring interviews with UX design superheroes with Jason Ogle.

UX and Growth Podcast
Stories, debates, and advice on user experience and growth tactics by Austin Knight, Matt Rheault, and Geoff Daigle.

UX Case Studies

Paperless Post – Guest Experience
A look at the process of redesigning the he journey of invited guests.

UX Jobs

UX and User Researcher at Slack – San Francisco, CA
Slack is looking for a user researcher to join our user research team.

SVP User Experience (Confidential Client) – Las Vegas, NV
The SVP User Experience will be responsible for owning how we understand our customers’ digital needs – and the roadmap for how we bring these experiences to life.

Last But Not Least

Designer Bio Generator
Generate your next designer twitter or website bio, inspired by Designer Bios.

“Your customers are your compass. Listen to their frustrations, and they’ll guide you to your next amazing feature.”
— Stephanie Briones, Product Designer at Zapier

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