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Issue 68


Nobody Wants To Use Your Product
The ultimate goal for any product is to be completely removed from the user’s perspective.

Talking To Strangers On The Street
When finding interview subjects for research projects can be challenging, try recruiting through intercepting.

Delightful Design, Deconstructed
Four real-world examples of what makes design delightful.

What Do User Interfaces Want?
What’s in store for the next 500 years of interaction design and the evolution of the user interface.

Facebook and How UIs Twist Your Words
Designers must be aware of their role in social UIs and give the same thought to social dynamics that they would to legibility, scalability and others.

Deconstructing the Poor Design of a Well-Intentioned Microinteraction
Jared Spool writes about a poor microinteraction that’s well intentioned and how intentionally designing the microinteraction will create a better experience.

In defense of the hamburger menu
Andy Budd argues that the hamburger menu has an opportunity to become a globally recognized icon through consistent exposure.

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Tools & Resources

33 Top UX Conferences of 2016
A list of some of the top UX related conferences this year.

UI Garage
Mobile and web design patterns for your inspiration.

Mobile Image Gestures
Usability test findings on what image zoom gestures users expect to be supported on mobile images galleries, and whether mobile sites need to state it when pinch and tap is supported.


Atomic Design by Brad Frost
An e-book about crafting effective interface design systems. You can read the latest draft while it’s being worked on.

Whose Job is User Research? An Interview with Jeff Gothelf
Finding ways to learn constantly from users brings the price of research down considerably.

Last But Not Least

Goddamn you Jony Ive
How to improve the usability of a new TV remote.

“While there is good design, there is no perfect design.”
— Alexandra Daisy