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Issue 64


A Behavioral Approach to Product Design
Changing behavior is hard. Aaron Otani writes about the four steps to designing products that impact behavior.

Design Principles for Reducing Cognitive Load
A look at both the causes and ways to reduce extraneous mental processing for the user.

So you want to be a UX designer…
A guide by Suelyn Yu on how to get started on a UX design career.

Critiquing your own design
6 ways to critique your own design when you don’t have a team to give constant feedback.

Why Detroit Needs User-Centered Design
US automakers can build great products and services users love if it can adopt a true user-centered mindset.

Designing for Various UI States
Mistakes and lessons learned from Michael Lee when designing for different UI states.

Designer Spaces
Encouraging teams to think creatively by designing our work spaces, to create flexible, engaging, delightful, and productive places to work in.

Tools & Resources

A collaborative web tool for user interface design that allows for many simultaneous users to design together. This one has a lot of potential. Read more about it from the creator, Dylan Field, who is only 23 years old.

Mastering Sketch 3
A comprehensive guide to designing in Sketch.

Icon Shop
Unique & premium quality vector icons for free.

Prototyping with Marvel and Sketch
A two part tutorial on designing screens for a fictional iPhone Photo App using Sketch and then creating functional prototypes with Marvel.

BuzzFeed’s CSS and component library. Read about their process of putting it together.


Design + Social Panel
Designers from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram speak about how social media’s viral power is driven by strategic design decisions grounded in everyday human behaviors.

So You Want to Build the Next Facebook
Laura Klein, author of UX for Lean Startups, talks about some of the most important strategies that companies used to build and learn before they grew.

UX Portfolio

Henry Freel
Henry is a Product & Experience Designer with a clean, minimal portfolio with nice case studies of some of his work.

Last But Not Least

Rad Faces
If you need avatars for your wireframes, mockups or protoytpes and on that 80’s early 90’s tip, this is for you!

“Only when the design fails does it draw attention to itself; when it succeeds, it’s invisible.”
— John D. Berry

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