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Issue 63

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Even if you don’t celebrate, take some time and think about what you’re thankful for – being grateful will make you happier. Hope you enjoy this week’s issue (after you do all your shopping of course).

– Kenny Chen


Usability Test on Product Hunt for iPhone
Eric Lee, Product Designer at Tradecraft, conducted a usability test on the Product Hunt app and provided a nice look at his process, findings, and redesign.

Filtering and Sorting Best Practices on Mobile
A look at some of the different approaches when designing a filtering or sorting system.

Simplicity Wins over Abundance of Choice
As the number of choices increases, so does the effort required to collect information and make good decisions.

The Most Overlooked Aspect Of UX Design Could Be The Most Important
Empty states are often overlooked but if designed well, they can communicate personality and explain the benefits of the screen.

UX Designer to Founder in 90 days
Ways to reduce the risk and jump from UX designer to founder in three months.

Prototyping isn’t about hitting home runs
The true value of prototyping is to test and iterate on ideas so don’t get too caught up in making sure it’s perfect. Here are three questions to ask yourself when you’re prototyping.

Designing User Experiences for the 10-Foot UI
Some design considerations you’ll want to think about when designing for TV’s.

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Tools & Resources

Case Study Club
A collection of inspiring case studies from awesome designers and makers.

A testing platform that delivers usability analytics based on product screenshots so you can make smarter product decisions, before you write any code.

DesignTalks – Design Communication Reimagined
An iOS messenger app where teams can give and get design feedback on the go with audio annotations.


push.conference Videos
Videos from push.conference 2015, including Building the delightful experience of Medium, Designing Happiness, and Solving UI problems in the information age.

Leading the Startup UX in 100 Days
Slides from a talk given by Uday Gajendar to the Brooklyn UX meet-up group in November 2015.

Last But Not Least

13 impressive statistics on user experience
Some of the most powerful stats on how important a great user experience is.

“Design is the art of gradually applying constraints until only one solution remains.”
— Unknown