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Issue 60


How We Hold Our Gadgets
An excerpt from Josh Clark’s new book that looks at how to design your layout for comfort and efficiency on different devices and how important thumbs are, no matter how large the screen.

The Extra Effort for Great UX
Using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we can create great user experience by putting in the extra effort.

In Search of the Design Documentation Unicorn
There isn’t a single best resource for documenting designs and design decisions but Dan Brown provides some ways to better communicate ideas and work with stakeholders and engineers.

The Nine States of Design
Here is a great checklist by Vince Speelman of various states to keep in mind when designing components of an interface.

Adapting empathy maps for UX design
Empathy maps are a powerful tool for helping teams think about the needs of users and ensuring they don’t forget about them.

Driving the Experience: Motion Graphics for UI
3 guiding principles and keys to success when designing for motion.

Design Principles: Choosing the Right Patterns
Do you organize objects by a folder or tags? By understanding what patterns are appropriate to the specific problem we’re trying to solve, we can make better design decisions instead of defaulting to what’s popular.

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Be more data-driven when you design
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Tools & Resources

Rapid Prototyping – Building Apps for Web and Mobile
A free video course to guide you through the iterative process of prototyping an app and conducting user research.

Fundamental UI Design E-Course
A free 5 email course to learn fundamental UI design skills by Jane Portman at UI Breakfast.


This is the golden age of design! …and we’re screwed
Make some time and watch this talk by Mike Monteiro at Webdagene 2015 about designers, their importance and mentors.

Career Paths of User Experience
Slides by Patrick Neeman from a presentation at the Future of Web Design in San Francisco about the different stages of the UX career path and where the opportunities lie for designers to grow and succeed.

Matias Duarte Indirectly Manipulates You
In this podcast, Matias Duarte, VP of Design at Google, talks about his process, the evolution of the smartphone, and how you make hard design decisions.

UX Portfolios

Nishtha Mehrotra
Nishtha is an interaction designer studying in San Jose, CA. Her portfolio shows some of her work, process, and deliverables.

Do you have a UX portfolio you want to share? Contact me.

Last But Not Least

Watch People in Other Industries React Hilariously to Being Asked for Free Spec Work
Just say no to spec work.

“The relationship between the user and the product should grow as the relationship between the couple — from the first date to a happy marriage.”
— Rahul Sen, Product Designer, Spotify

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