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Issue 59


Balancing Design Simplicity, Product Complexity, and Business Goals
As designers, we work to make things simpler, but in reality, products add features and scale towards complexity as they become popular or successful.

From product design to virtual reality
The designer of Inbox by Gmail, Jean-Marc Denis, joined Google’s virtual reality team and writes about his personal experience and intro to VR.

The Unsolicited UX Audit
Do you ever come across an app and wish it worked a bit differently? Sophie Paxton is writing a series of unsolicited UX audits and starts with Buffer.

How Much Time Does It Take to Create Personas?
Understanding what affects the time and cost involved in the persona-creation process.

A Delicate Balance: Design Mind and the Three Ways of Seeing
Jod Kaftan writes less about process and more about identifying through fundamental mindsets in the design process.

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Awesome | UI/UX Design Agency
Awesome specializes in crafting beautiful and engaging UI & UX designs for tech startups. They have worked with such notable clients as NY Tech Meetup, Thought Catalog, Luna, and Skift.

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Tools & Resources

Books for UX Managers
Books recommendations by Josh Seiden for those inexperienced in managing and leading a UX team. Also, check out 10 Non-UX Books for Experience Designers by Ryan Nance.

This Is How You Design Your Mobile App for Maximum Growth
Your userbase will never cease evolving so your product shouldn’t either. Kamo Asatryan shares formulas he relies on to help mobile apps optimize their entire user funnel, counterintuitive lessons and mistakes he’s learned on the job.

Taxonomy and Recirculation: The Toast
A case study on redesigning the taxonomy of The Toast.


Indi Young: Enabling Empathy
A talk by Indi Young at CreativeMornings Oakland in September 2015 about how we must ask and listen more as a means to get past our assumptions.

Designing for Touch
The newest book by A Book Apart, designer Josh Clark guides you through the touchscreen frontier.

6 Usability Tasks you Haven’t Tried So Far
6 example tasks that can provide new and different insights than the standard usability tasks.

UX Portfolios

Ivan Annikov
Ivan is a designer of experiences on a mission to better understand how people interact with digital systems.

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UX Jobs

UI/ UX Designer at Peanut Labs (San Francisco, CA)
Peanut Labs develops online market research and advertising technologies. They’re looking for someone who is passionate about designing beautiful user experiences with a human-centered approach.

Last But Not Least

Ode to a Polar Bear
The Polar Bear book is a classic and they just released fourth edition. Tell O’Reilly what the book has meant to you in a creative way and you could win a free pass to the O’Reilly Design Conference.

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.”
— E. F. Schumacher

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