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Issue 58


Object-Oriented UX
A new ingredient to add to your current process that adds clarity, simplicity, and cohesion—to how you design, and to the products you release into the world.

Exploring the Product Design of the Stripe Dashboard for iPhone
A look into how product and UI designers at Stripe designed their iPhone app and products.

Product Design Starts With a Fingerprint
When designing your product, you’ll need to understand that a user’s mental models is constantly evolving.

Fixing the UX of hyperlinks
Sometimes you want a link to open in a new tab while other times you might want it to replace the page. Nash Vail has a solution.

Stitching a Journey Together in a Prototype
Nathan Curtis writes about demonstrating a user’s journey across products using a collection of prototypes woven together.

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Tools & Resources

O’Reilly Media Design
O’Reilly updated their site with a new look, featuring insights, ideas, and tools for designing the future.

Design Sprints
Dockyard put together a guide of tools and techniques for small teams to move quickly and effectively using a 4-day sprint schedule.


In Conversation with Alan Cooper
UX Magazine talks design and other things with Alan Cooper, creator of personas and co-founder of Cooper.

Airbnb’s Design Approach
Katie Dill, head of experience design at Airbnb, on designing for seven billion people, hiring good people, and more.

UX and design related talks and videos.

UX Portfolios

Ana Khachatrian
Ana Khachatrian is a Los Angeles based User Experience Designer with a passion for creating experiences that will enhance or improve users’ lives.

UX Jobs

Product Designer, IxD at Uber (San Francisco, CA)
Uber is hiring at all levels and locations to help build a world class design team.

User Experience Designer at Redgate (Cambridge, UK)
Redgate is looking for experienced designers to make sure our products are as easy to use as possible.

Last But Not Least

Time circuits (which interface the Flux Capacitor)
It was Back to the Future day this week but the DeLorean input panel was not designed by a user experience designer.

“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”
— Seth Godiin