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Issue 57


Making Learning Easier by Design
How Google’s Primer team approached designing the user experience of their app to make learning feel like less of a chore.

The Surprisingly Complex Design of Facebook’s New Emoji
An interesting read into the thinking around Facebook’s new, positive emoji’s and how that will affect the user experience.

Experience Exponentialized in The New Logistics
Peter Merholz writes how Uber, Lyft, Instacart and other companies are opening up new avenues for design and the customer journey.

What UX Designers can Learn from Architects
There’s a lot we can learn from architects that can be applied to UX – such as being forced to do research before beginning a new building.

Finding Clarity and Energy
10 things learned from redesigning Asana.

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Tools & Resources

What Kind of Design Work Should I do?
A flow chart for designers wondering what project should they take on, where they should work or what should their career look like.

Make your products better with in-product video and text feedback.


Design for Voice Interfaces (eBook)
Laura Klein covers the past, present, and future of voice interfaces, and shows you how to create intuitive, discoverable voice interfaces that users can navigate with ease.

Project Comet Overview Demo (video)
A quick 1 minute video of Project Comet, Adobe’s new all-in-one UX design solution.

You’re Designing It All Wrong! (eBook )
Guidelines for designing screens that actually work with case studies to show the basic rules of a well-designed screen.

UX Portfolios

Suelyn Yu
Suelyn is a UX designer at Opower. Her case studies give an overview of the project, what she worked on, select design challenges and more.

Last But Not Least

The Cruelest Opt-Out Forms
The worst opt-out forms from around the web.

“There’s only 3 ways to understand people: what they do, what they say, what they make”
— Dan Makoski

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