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Issue 52

This being the 52nd issue means UX Design Weekly has been going strong for one year! I just wanted to thank all of you for reading and continued support.

– Kenny


15 UX Commandments
Commandments for being the best UX leader you can be, especially if you’re just starting your career.

Hamburger Menu, The Most Recognizable Thing on the Planet
An eye-tracking study of the use of the hamburger menu on desktop websites.

What You Need To Know About Anticipatory Design
As the market moves towards simplicity and no-brainer user experiences, anticipatory design is no longer something you can afford to ignore.

Predictive Personas
Laura Klein explains why it’s important that personas are predictive and how to create them.

Designing For All Five Senses
Why designers and companies need to learn the skills to design for all five senses.

Designing Safer Web Animation For Motion Sensitivity
The way you use animation can have an impact on how accessible the end product is to your audience, especially if they suffer from a vestibular disorder.

Tools & Resources

Coffee Test
Just ask for user testers in Slack and get quality, on-demand in-person user testing of your app.

Type Sizes for Every Device
Make your website or app usable by making sure everyone can read its text, on every device, under every condition.

The Tools Designers Are Using Today
A survey to over 4,000 designers in 200 countries about the tools used in the design process. The wireframing one was a little surprising to me.

Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines
With Apple’s big announcement this week of apps in Apple TV, Apple has put out a set of guidelines when designing the 10 foot experience.

Designer Mill
A collection of best free design resources.


Framer Video Tutorials
A set of 5 video tutorials to start learning Framer and create common interaction design patterns. If video is not your thing, check out these 10 step-by-step tutorials.

Confessions of a former UCD devotee
In this talk at UX Cambridge 2015, Neil Turner tells us how he managed to kick the UCD habit and learn to love lean UX.

UX Portfolios

Shane Dudfield
Shane’s UX portfolio shares great case studies on some of his best work.

Have a UX portfolio you want to share? Let me know.

UX Jobs

User Experience Designer at Modus Create (Reston, VA or Remote)
Modus Create is looking for a UX designer that is nothing short of awesome and ready to put creativity to work with mobile and emerging tech for the biggest brands out there. Plus, you can work remote!

Last But Not Least

The Perfect Product Designer
Josh Clement put together quotes from job listings describing their ideal designer.

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”
— Charles Kettering, head of research for GM in the 1920s

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