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Issue 5

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— Kenny


How Important is UX to Your Product’s Growth?
Just as UX can be used for building sustainable growth by removing friction and creating delight, inauthentic and unsustainable growth via dark patterns can also be achieved through UX.

Putting ‘Intuitive’ Back Into Intuitive Design
If you want to make your product intuitive, add features based on existing knowledge, lower barriers to use and reveal features as the user explores.

5 tips For a Young Designer
Are you just starting out in UX? Here are 5 takeaways for a young designer from a talk given by Irene Au.

Creating Your First Prototype with Framer
I wrote an article about how to get started in Framer and build the animation and interaction of the HotelTonight app. If a little code looks too intimidating, check out this article about protoyping animation with Keynote.

App Unbundling – Simplifying apps by breaking out their experiences
Sometimes less is more. An arguement about why unbundling your app’s features into multiple apps creates a better experience.

How to Conduct a Usability Heuristic Evaluation
A step by step guide to running a heuristic evaluation to identify major usability issues in a short period of time.

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What things engage you on a daily basis?
World Usability Day is around the corner, and this year’s theme is engagement. To celebrate the day, Optimal Workshop will be running a big competition that you will not want to miss. More details on this epic event and some examples of engagement can be found on this blog post.

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Tools & Resources

iOS 8 GUI PSD (iPhone 6)
The guys at Teehan+Lax have updated their ever popular iPhone template for iOS 8 and the iPhone 6. It averages about 250,000 downloads a year! For Sketch fans, the template is coming soon.

Pixate, the world’s first mobile interaction design service that produces native mobile app prototypes without coding, was mentioned in Issue 1 and now it’s finally out of beta. It’s been getting some great reviews so if you try it, let me know what you think and how it compares to other prototyping tools.

This Explains Everything: A Course on User Behavior
A series of curated lessons about user behavior from the most knowledgeable people in the field including Stephen Anderson (Seductive Interaction Design), Harry Brignull (Dark Patterns), and Nir Eyal (Hooked).

UX Deals
I’ve added a few more deals just for UX Design Weekly subscribers: UXPin is a platform that allows design teams to easily design, collaborate on, and present both high- and low-fidelity, fully-interactive wireframes and prototypes. Founders Perk offers exclusive perks on premium startup tools including Balsamiq, UserVoice and Stripe.


How to Build Products Users Love, Part I
Kevin Hale, founder of Wufoo, talks about the personal touches his company puts into their product to create a memorable experience. This is part of the a Stanford class of How to Start a Startup, which I highly recommend if you’re interested in startups.

15 Delicious UX Micro-Interactions
Micro-interactions are the small design details that make products more easier to use fun, and interesting. Here are 15 short videos of micro-interactions from various iPhone apps like the BBC, Duolingo, and Airbnb.


Edmund Yu
Edmund Yu’s portfolio shows off his work, design process, testimonials, and more.


Senior UX Researcher at Krossover (New York, NY)
Krossover, a sports media and analytics startup, is looking for a Senior UX Researcher. This is a unique opportunity to understand a well defined user group, and influence the products that get made for them.

Senior UX Designer at Mercedes-Benz Research & Development (Sunnyvale, CA )
Create new UX design concepts that explore key areas of the Mercedes-Benz user journey with a primary focus on the in-car and surround-car experience.

Last But Not Least

UX Epic Fails
A collection of UX failures.

“If we want users to like our software we should design it to behave like a likeable person: respectful, generous and helpful.”
— Alan Cooper

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