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Issue 495


Why users are ignoring your features
Companies grow, they add functionality to appeal to a wider audience, and over time create experiences that feel bloated, unfocused and incoherent.

Research Repositories 101
Research repositories organize user research in a central place, making research-related documentation easy to access and consume.

I was shocked when I cancelled my Loom membership—here’s why
How to reduce subscription churn (the right way).

Don’t be fooled by Figma’s new AI features
How to leverage AI effectively without losing focus on designers’ roles and responsibilities.


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Tools and Resources

Design Foundations
Turn any website into your design system.

How small UI delighters have a huge impact on UX
A case study for onboarding on the Been app.

How Zapier Activates Users
How a tool about workflow automation onboards its users.

UX Portfolio

Karina Sirqueira
Karina is a Brazilian designer at Work&Co in Brooklyn, New York.

Last But Not Least

Figma pulls AI tool after criticism that it ripped off Apple’s design
Figma is the latest company to come under scrutiny for its approach to bringing AI into its creative tools.

“Design is where science and art break even.”
— Robin Mathew

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