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Issue 492


Can you be creative just by creating?
Creativity is so multi-faceted that we might be thinking of it too narrowly.

The 4 Stages of AI Image Generation: An Experience Map
AI image generation users often follow a similar creative process: ideate, generate, refine, and export.

2-Page Login Pattern, And How To Fix It
Reasons behind this design choice and alternative solutions to create a more efficient and user-friendly authentication experience.

UX Design Begins With Content. Don’t Outsource It to AI
The critical importance of content in UX design.

The Critical Importance of Design Briefs for UX Designers
In the fast-paced world of UX design, where creativity meets functionality, the importance of a well-crafted design brief cannot be overstated.


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Tools and Resources

Apple Design WWDC
Apple’s annual WWDC event featured many videos on designing games, visionOS apps, and adding personality to your app through UX writing.

Uizard Autodesigner 2.0
Type out your ideas in plain text to design, prototype, and iterate in seconds.

How to design for the future of AI products and LLMs
Maggie Appleton gives a deep dive into designing for AI products and LLMs.

UX Portfolio

Steph Parrott
Steph is a product designer based in Toronto.

Last But Not Least

How Figma converts users from freemium to premium
Analyzing Figma’s latest monetization strategy.

“Nail the basics first, detail the details later.”
— Chris Anderson

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