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Issue 49


How to Fix a Bad User Interface
Scott Hurff breaks down the rules of the UI Stack and the five states that help you create a cohesive interface that’s forgiving, helpful, and human.

A Future-Friendly Approach to Experience Design
Part 2 of Asher Blumberg’s article about designing for the future. You can read Part 1 here.

What Chicken Nuggets Taught Me About Using Data to Design
How data can help you create better designs, ask smarter questions, and understand people in new ways. Also check out How Designers Use Data to Get to the Truth.

UX Is a Canary in a Coal Mine
Irene Au writes what design team morale means for CEOs and designers.

The Notification Problem
A look into some of the design decisions that went into building the onboarding process of Hopper, an app that tells you when to fly and buy.

How to Conduct User Research and Build Features
Megan Kierstead walks you through the research process and why you shouldn’t ignore user research.

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Build interactive prototypes faster
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Tools & Resources

A new tool for Mac to create animated and interactive user interface designs. It looks like it has a lot of potential.

Marvel User Testing Tools for iOS
Marvel added the ability to record what your users are doing with your iOS prototoypes.

A private space to share and discuss design work with your team.

Webflow CMS
Build fully customizable, dynamic websites. Without writing a line of code.

Framer Resources
Tutorials, video courses, websites, and lots of other resources to learn the Framer prototyping tool.


Beginning UX Design
O’Reilly just launched Learning Path, a package of video training videos. This one is for those interested in getting into UX design. For those already in the field, check out their Design for Mobile package, featuring Luke Wroblewski, Joshua Mauldin and yours truly.

User Experience Design Book Giveaway
This is the last week to enter to win a Rosenfeld Media book of your choice from over 20 short, practical, and useful books on user experience design.

UX Portfolios

Emily K. Watson
Emily is a UX designer in the San Francisco area. Her portfolio shows some of her best work with a nice template of her role, problems, examples of her deliverables and results.

UX Jobs

Product Designer – Phone and Tablet (Los Gatos, CA)
Netflix is looking for a designer who is passionate about phone and tablet design, loves solving customer problems, and has disruptive ideas for delivering amazing mobile experiences.

Senior UX Designer at Liberty Mutual Insurance (Portsmouth, NH)
Manage, produces, designs and lays out user-friendly, high impact interactive responsive web projects.

Last But Not Least

A Designer’s Guide to Wearables
Five principles, beautifully animated, to keep in mind when designing for wearables.

“What works good is better than what looks good. Because what works good lasts.”
— Ray Eames

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