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Issue 489


On building trust, not checklists.

UI Density
What UI density means and how to design for it.

How Adobe Design creates experiences for nascent technologies
The process that keeps Adobe focused on the possibilities of new platforms amid the excitement and hype.

Are you designing with the right keyboard in mind?
A guide to iOS and Android keyboards.

Hidden vs. Disabled In UX
Some considerations for hiding versus disabling, along with possible alternatives to improve UX.


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Tools and Resources

Rename Helper (Figma Plugin)
Effortlessly export multiple frames and establish a structured naming system.

Poly Mono is a “game font” made of shapes that creates Karel Martens-inspired prints.

UX Portfolio

Ethan Chng
Ethan is a designer at Berkeleytime.

Last But Not Least

What Does the Future of User Interface Design Look Like?
The role of designers and UX professionals in shaping this future will be more critical than ever.

“The best products are born from a deep empathy with the people who use them.”
— Bill Buxton

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