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Issue 488


Onboarding for Active Users
Onboarding should be designed with active users in mind, making guidance accessible throughout the product experience.

Why Designers Aren’t Understood
How to present design work, explain design decisions, and get stakeholders on your side by speaking the language that other departments understand.

Promptframes: Evolving the Wireframe for the Age of AI
Promptframes complement traditional wireframes by integrating prompt writing and generative AI to increase content fidelity and accelerate the path to user testing.

Furniture and Home Decor UX: Deprioritize “View in Room” Augmented Reality (AR) Features
When AR technology is used to model furniture in a room, it often generates doubt about product suitability and delays purchasing decisions.


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Tools and Resources

How Canva Activates Users
A look at onboarding for Canva, which has an interesting approach to freemium.

How design at Airbnb creates a culture of craft at scale – Alex Schleifer
An inside look at what makes design at Airbnb so special.

UX Portfolio

Jay Park
Jay is a senior at University of California, Berkeley studying cognitive science and human-computer-interaction.

Last But Not Least

It’s Time We Seriously Talk About Users and Experiences
For some reason, UX people never speak about users or experiences. And that hurts our work.

“The job of designer is not reading a spreadsheet and seeing if there’s a green number or a red number”
— Alex Schleifer

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