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Issue 482


Apple’s AI problem is a UX problem, too
Third-party AI engines could damage Apple’s user experience magic.

Prompts should be designed — not engineered
Rallying design’s relevance in the AI era.

The Things Users Would Appreciate In Mobile Apps
Seven features that can improve a user’s experience with a mobile app.

Planning Research with Generative AI
With the proper context, prompts, and scrutiny, AI chatbots can be used to create a successful user-research plan.

The GenAI Compass: a UX framework to design generative AI experiences
Patterns for implementing human-centric design thinking and UX to GenAI.

Tools and Resources

Creating a Standout UX/UI Design Portfolio: The Ultimate Guide
How do you design a portfolio that stands out from the crowd and gets you hired?

Surf the web like it’s 1999 with these old-school cursors
Figma gave us cursors from their favorite digital design eras, from the days of DOS to Y2K, and from skeuomorphism to Windows Vista.

UX Portfolio

Josie Allison
Josie is a freelance designer based in San Diego.

Last But Not Least

FAANG UX case study: Our story and 5 tips for you
Case studies don’t have to be boring. Turn them into stories of you going on a journey to solve a problem.

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
— Margaret Fuller