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Issue 481


Why UX designers should create object maps (and how to start)
Object-oriented design can help designers align products with how people use them.

The (not so) subtle reason you hate chatbots
Some tips for how to choose and implement chatbots (think; AI) into your customer experience journey.

How to Design Climate-Forward AI Companies
Why every AI company should be a climate company—and how thoughtful design can help us get there.

When Selecting the Best UX Icons, Context Is Essential
How to choose meaningful visual cues, aliases, and user strategies from your design system.

How to design icons in Figma
An in-depth guide to icon creation.


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Tools and Resources

Kate Aronowitz: Shaping the story of design in business
Hear stories from the early days of Facebook like how Kate was one of the first designers to teach Mark Zuckerberg about human centered design.

An AI empowered design tool for creatives.

UX Portfolio

Chakshing Lam
Chakshing is product designer graduating soon from the Academy of Art University.

Last But Not Least

Why We’re Thinking About Design All Wrong
The magnitude of influence and impact that design can have on humanity and the world at large.

“People don’t use a product because of the great design; great design helps them use the product.”
— Viran Dayaratne

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