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Issue 480


On dedication and love for the invisible work.

AI + Design: Figma Users Tell Us What’s Coming Next
What do designers, developers, and executives really think about the promise of AI?

Designers: AI needs context
How UX teams should embrace data to shape AI models.

Defining experience quality in large language models
A look at the design strategy behind Adobe Acrobat’s newest generative AI features.

Generative UI and Outcome-Oriented Design
GenUI promises highly personalized interfaces — a move from designing for many to tailoring for the individual.

Tools and Resources

UX Repo
Resources and methods to help you deliver exceptional user experiences

How to avoid (and repair) these 3 critical design blunders
Lack of contrast, missing hierarchy, and poor readability.

Onboarding Study
Learn user onboarding from the best SaaS products.

23 Prototyping Resources to Bookmark Right Now
Resources to help you level up your process, whether you’re new to prototyping or ready to dive deeper.

Free SaaS Website UI Kit for Framer and Figma
A fully functional, responsive, no-code SaaS website design within minutes using these free components for Framer and Figma.

Gradient Generator (Figma Plugin)
Create richer gradients across 6 color spaces and allows faster tinkering than the standard gradient UI.

UX Portfolio

Daniel Sun
Daniel is a UX designer for startups.

Last But Not Least

The hidden power of typography
The science behind how design choices influence perception and behavior.

“People tend to overestimate the short-term impact of new technologies while underestimating their long-term effects.”
— Roy Amarat