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Issue 479


Rethinking the startup MVP: Building a competitive product
It’s not good enough to be first with an idea. You have to out-execute from day 1.

Math: A Great Design Tool
Use specificity to lead to action.

Portfolio Presentations & Design Work
Over the years, there’s been a clear trend in the portfolio presentations: much more focus on doing “work” vs. “design work.”

Is ‘Systems Thinking’ the new buzzword in UX?
UX professionals can successfully add systems thinking into our work, yet we should be willing to do it justice.


Navigating tomorrow: Trends defining the research landscape
Join Maze for a live event with UX leaders from Miro, Wise, and Janelle Ward Insights to discuss the future of the user research industry, based on results from Maze’s Future of User Research Report.

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Tools and Resources

Design Against AI: 2024 Design in Tech Report
Design trends revolutionizing the entrepreneurial and corporate ecosystems in tech.

Create motion graphics on one platform.

A minimalist, radial background generator.

UX Portfolio

Malik Walker
Malik is a video game Experience Designer.

Last But Not Least

A place to find all those lost pages worthing finding

“Blowing up the old and starting fresh, bigger may be triggered by an external force — an executive mandate, brand refresh, or tech replatform.”
— Nathan Curtis

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