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Issue 478


POV: Is it the designer’s responsibility if an app is addictive?
Habit-forming features on social media apps are sparking class-action lawsuits.

Behind the design: Meet Copilot
On crafting the next generation of user experiences when the system is the product.

Do Founders Even Care About Design?
the risks of ignoring user feedback and the necessity of effective communication between founders and designers.

Which is better; Zoom, Teams or Meet?
It’s time to consider the consequences of starting a meeting.

The Rebalancing of Design Management
We’ve created false choices: managing the people or managing the work. We can have both.


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Tools and Resources

Behind the Feature: The Multiple Lives of Multi-Edit
A new feature in Figma that simplifies editing across multiple designs in just a few clicks. Also, check out everything to know about multi-edit.

UXPin Merge
Create interactive UI without writing a single line of code.

Color Palette Generator
A free palette generator tool.

UX Portfolio

Ethan Chng
Ethan is a designer at Berkeleytime and previously interned at Apple.

Last But Not Least

90% of designers are unhirable?
Why your cookie-cutter portfolio doesn’t cut it and how to fix it

“ By the time you come to the perfect solution, the problem has already changed.”
— Jessie Shefrin

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