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Issue 477


How my dream design job turned into a nightmare
Why you should quit your dead-end job before itโ€™s too late.

The 3 capabilities designers need to build for the AI era
The reverse reckoning of UX design.

AI Chat Is Not (Always) the Answer
Rushing to integrate AI chat into your product will not solve all user needs.

AI and Design Systems
Ways that AI can assist in various aspects of design system creation and consumption.


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Tools and Resources

Dead Simple Sites
The most minimal sites on the web, curated in one place.

Framer components inspiredby Dieter Rams’ design principles.

Behind the Feature: Inline Device Frames
Figma is making it easier for you to bring your designs to life across mobile, tablet, and watch interfaces with a series of prototyping updates.

SVG Flag Icons
Over 200 optimized SVG country flag icons crafted on a 32px grid.

UX Portfolio

Matt Plays
Matt is the creative director at Help Scout.

Last But Not Least

How to save your product UX when the AI goes wrong
Managing prediction errors in AI products.

“The more toxic your environment, the less you will get the recognition you deserve.”
— Bas Wallet

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