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Issue 476


Designing With Integrity
The ethical designer’s handbook on dark patterns.

There are no Original Ideas. But…
How you execute an idea is always original simply because of the number of variables in play.

Beyond numbers: Proving the value of design(ers)
Data is overshadowing emotion. Does it have to?

Usability Heuristics Applied to Board Games
Usability heuristics suggest what influences the design of successful board games.


Dive into the world of user research with The Optimal Path Podcast
Hear from research and design leaders at Figma, Zapier, and more as they talk to Maze about the approaches used to unlock continuous insights—and the optimal path to product success. Listen now.

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Tools and Resources

Figma checklists
Standards to level up your Figma components quality.

Design Trends 2024
Current trends in design for this year

Figma to HTML website Webflow plugin
Turn your static designs into clean, production-ready code with the Figma to Webflow plugin.

How We Document (PDF)
Zeroheight’s annual report highlighting the dynamic world of design systems.

UX Portfolio

John Rubino
John is a NYC-based designer designing products in the real estate tech and SaaS industry.

Last But Not Least

Design Ah! (デザインあ) · learning the fun of design
Why is everything in Japan so well-designed?

“There is no such thing as an original idea.”
— Mark Twain

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