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Issue 472


The Cost of Personalization
AI-powered personalization promises a solution to decision fatigue that’s custom-tailored to our preferences; however, it comes with trade-offs.

How lock-in hurts design
When you are seeking to control users, the desire paths they create are all too frequently a means to wrestling control back from you.

Five Future Roles for Designers
Possible career directions for designers working in an AI-driven world.

Play at work
Why the feeling of “play” should be valued in your professional life.

4 Types of Design Projects for UX Roadmapping
How to align your team’s expectations on timing, deliverables, and process.


Is your design system being ignored?
Instantly share a beautiful doc site with your team, created with a single click. That easy.

Tools and Resources

Letterboxd: How to nail product market fit with clear Jobs‑To‑Be‑Done
What Letterboxd got right and what could be improved.

A ’Definition of Done’ Template
How do you know when to stop?

Wall of Portfolios
A curated showcase of beautifully designed & super effective portfolios.

UX Portfolio

Kirill Zakharov
Kirill is the Head of Design at Unsplash.

Last But Not Least

Can’t Unsee
Select the design that is most correct.

“Far from enhancing our ability to make the best decisions for ourselves, potent and addictive software can erode our free will by trapping us in loops of instant gratification.”
— Eva McCarthy

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