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Issue 470


58 rules for beautiful UI design
The right UI can elevate an application from functional to unforgettable, making the difference between a user who engages once and one who returns time and again.

A Global Design System
A call to action to create a Global Design System that provides the world’s web designers & developers a library of common UI components.

Scaling the design ladder: Seeing like a designer
The real value of design doesn’t come from building better products. It comes from creating better product-building methods.

Usability Testing of Inline Form Validation
Inline validation can save users time and effort and help them avoid errors.


Future-Proofing FinServ: Leveraging UX & Trends for 2024
Join Maze for an event featuring UX experts from SoFi, Capitec, and BMO Financial Group to learn about:
• Data-backed advice on how to stand out within the market
• UX trends within FinServices in 2024

Tools and Resources

Play Up Your Impact
A handy step-by-step guide to effectively describe and hype the impact of your work when everyone thinks it’s optional.
Explore UI patterns for AI workflows.

Designing better target sizes
An interactive guide that is all about enhancing the target size area with CSS.

UX Portfolio

Dan Tase
Dan is a fractional Product Designer.

Last But Not Least

How to build a strategy, not a roadmap
Crafting an effective design system strategy.

“Ultimately, a strategy is nothing if the people that matter — both executives with funds and communities of products that adopt — don’t buy into it. ”
— Nathan Curtis

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