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Issue 469


Story Mapping: The Game-Changer in UX Design
A roadmap to guide us through the complex terrain of UX design.

Spotify Wrapped: 6 psychology principles that make it go viral every year
How Spotify uses psychology to keep us engaged every year.

Use these principles to drive UI/UX success
How the macro approach of minimal UI from the start and the iterative approach to UI refinement over time can drive success.

Designing for AI Hallucination: Can Design Help Tackle Machine Challenges?
Design can help by visually showing how certain the AI is about the information it provides you with.


Help shape the Future of User Research Report 2024
Take part in Maze’s upcoming report on the future of user research. Complete this short survey by January 16 to weigh in and help identify the top research trends for 2024 and beyond. Take the survey.

Tools and Resources

Porsche Design System v3
Porsche’s new design language.

Tell Better Stories
The 9 principles of better stories.

5 tries to correctly guess the hex code of the color displayed on the screen.

Moodboard Creator
Ditch the blank page and spark creativity by generating stunning moodboards from simple inputs.

UX Portfolio

Addison James
Addison is a Senior Product Designer at LightStim.

Last But Not Least

Memes about design
A compilation of design and developer memes.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
— Maya Angelou

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