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Issue 465


Zara: The billion dollar missed opportunity 🧠
Zara generates about $60 billion annually online despite having one of the worst online shopping experience.

Test often to keep your designs simple
At the heart of any good design process is making sure things work with users.

Johan Cruyff’s influence on adaptive role switching in Product Design
A product design philosophy inspired by the brilliance of Total Football.

AI Models in Software UI
As more companies work to integrate the capabilities of powerful generative AI language and vision models into new and existing software, high-level interaction patterns are emerging.


Work faster in Figma
Figma saves you time with powerful tools that cut down on manual tasks and leave you more time and brain power for creativity. Spend more time actually designing, leaving you space to create your best work. Get started for free.

Get your .bio domain name and share all your links in one spot.
A .bio domain is the perfect solution for designers, devs, and anyone who looking to share their work in one spot. From a Link In Bio page to a site showing your latest project, .bio represents who you are. Get a bio domain for under $3 at Porkbun.

Tools and Resources

Trending Design
the best design inspiration on X.

How to create a color palette for design systems
All the aspects of building palettes for UI design.

The best digital storefronts on the internet.

Trace pixels to vectors in full color.

UX Portfolio

Ayush Wanjari
Ayush is a Product Designer who interned at IBM.

Last But Not Least

Designing an App for Audio Journalism — From the Ground Up
The Design Journey of The New York Times Audio App.

“Quality without results is pointless. Results without quality is boring.”
— Johan Cruyff

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