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Issue 464


Why are Western apps more minimalistic than Asian apps?
The digital behavior traits of individualism and collectivism.

Until the Right Design Emerges…
Too often, the process of design is cut short.

5 UX Essentials Design School Won’t Teach You
Most UX newbies only learn these design skills at work.

UI considerations for designing large data tables
Learn design techniques to build better data tables.


Figma Dev Mode vs. Zeplin – What’s the best design handoff tool? (Video)
Dev Mode will require a paid seat in 2024. UX Tools, the creators of the annual survey, dive into a video review of Figma Dev Mode vs Zeplin. Watch

Build with the power of code — without writing any
Take control of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a visual canvas. Webflow generates clean, semantic code that’s ready to publish or hand to developers.

Tools and Resources

Make it Real
Draw an image of software and bring it to life using AI.

The Web Can Do What!?
Showcase the incredible capabilities of the modern web.

UX Portfolio

Tyler King
Tyler is a Portland-based Senior Product Designer for Saatchi & Saatchi.

Last But Not Least

Art direction vs artificial intelligence: A helpful tool or an added hassle?
AI-powered text-to-image tools are presenting a moral quandary in terms of creative ethics.

“Design is the art of gradually applying constraints until only one solution remains.”
— Unknown

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