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Issue 460


Clarify Your Thinking by Drawing Concept Maps
When you’re trying to understand a complex subject, drawing a concept map will clarify your thinking.

Testing ChatGPT-4 for ‘UX Audits’ Shows an 80% Error Rate & 14–26% Discoverability Rate
Testing ChatGPT-4’s ability to conduct a UX audit of 12 different webpages.

Why you should add friction to your onboarding
Your goal is for people to get their first moments of value from your product.

Transition animations: a practical guide
Principles that can be used immediately by anyone in their design process.

Tools and Resources

Design books for non-designers
Design books for non-designers, recommended by the Stripe Design Team.

2023 Design Collaboration Report
Collaborative design projects are most successful but designers’ egos are the main barriers to fruitful co-creation.

3D-like isometric design builder.

A nostalgic collection of logos from decades past in the video game industry.


Figma Dev Mode vs. Zeplin – What’s the best design handoff tool? (Video)
Dev Mode will require a paid seat in 2024. UX Tools, the creators of the annual survey, dive into a video review of Figma Dev Mode vs Zeplin. Watch

UX Portfolio

Yuha Kim
Yuha is a product designer based in SF.

Last But Not Least

Primer on how we design at Linear
A thread of Linear’s design process.

“Never mistake a clear view for a short distance.”
— Jim Barksdale

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