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Issue 46


Spatial Interfaces
Pasquale D’Silva explores thinking inside and outside the bounds of the screen to design a spatial interface.

Redesigning the Apple Watch UI
A proposal by Luke Wroblewski on how he would redesign the Apple Watch’s interaction model to match the hierarchy of his behavior.

Designing Twitter for Windows 10
Windows 10 arrived this week and with that comes new user experiences (and useless error messages). Take a peek at the design process Twitter used to design their Windows app.

Material Design is Different, Not Better
Thoughts by Meng To about the similarities and differences of iOS and Material Design and why it’s not necessarily better.

iTunes Really Is That Bad
Apple is the most valuable companies in the world and one that’s known for good design but not necessarily good UX as can be seen in iTunes. Also check out iTunes is the Locos of Everything Apple is Doing Wrong.

The User Experience of Creative Sprints
The role of UX has shifted from wireframing in isolation to leading teams to think about great user experience.

The Secret Cost of Research
How to convince your client to pay for research.

Tools & Resources

Magic Mirror for Sketch
You can now create perspective mockups in Sketch with this plugin.

UX in Libraries Reading list
A structured introduction to UX and ethnography.


Graphic Treasure from the American Underbelly
Aaron Draplin’s keynote at GIANT UX Conference 2015.

UX Portfolios

Fi (Fantasy Interactive)
Although they are more about visuals and the wow factor, Fi is a design agency that puts out some of the best case studies.

Last But Not Least

An Interactive Guide to Famous Logos & their Hidden Meanings
Interesting facts you might not have known about your favorite brands.

“On feedback: Pay attention when someone tells you something seems wrong. Ignore them when they tell you how to fix it.”
Jeffrey Veen

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