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Issue 484


Artistic Intelligence
How creatives translate complex concepts into visual languages.

Does Design have an ego problem?
Humility is seemingly in short supply in the design industry.

The Wizard of Oz Method in UX
The Wizard of Oz is a user-research method where a user interacts with a mock interface controlled, to some degree, by a person.

UX Mentorship Program Tips — Set Yourself Up For Success
Concrete advice and a free goal-setting template that will help you make your mentorship program vision a reality.

From Design Thinking to AI Thinking
The integration of LLMs into various sectors to enhance problem-solving through conversational interfaces.


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Tools and Resources

The missing web features of iOS.

Mario meets Pareto
The Pareto efficiency is an objective criteria to filter out suboptimal choices.

UX Portfolio

John Miller
John is a visual-focused UX designer.

Last But Not Least

Papyrus 2
After spending years working past it, Steven is confronted by the very thing he’s been trying to avoid.

“A great creative career is build over time.”
— Frank Bach

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